About Us

About Us

Our company was organized by two biological spouses who have worked in the reserves of Central Asia for more than 20 years.

The first client (“birdwatcher” -a) was brought by a colleague ornithologist in 1991. He registered a travel company in England and began to transport nature lovers to his friends and colleagues of the former Soviet Union. His company was called “Russian Natural Tours”. The first five years he was our only companion. We grew up with this company and financially (got a small hotel – today it has 46 beds) and … understanding of what our client needs, what is important for him and what is minor. Today, over the season, we welcome over 500 clients from almost all over the world, from the USA to Norway, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Chile. These are the most diverse in their desires people from the cool “birdwatchers” to the modest lovers of new countries. For each of them, we find an interesting tour, whether in the mountains of the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve, either in the Kazakh steppe or among the historical monuments of the Silk Road.

So, if you decide to relax with us, we can offer trips to the nature of South Kazakhstan.



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