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Every traveler’s dream is to see as much as possible. And with our rapid time – this is very important. Kazakhstan is a country of vast spaces. Day you can go by train, watching from the window a homogeneous landscape: feather grass steppe, saline or sandy desert. South Kazakhstan is the exception to this rule. South Kazakhstan is the part of Asia where it is just possible to see a lot in a short period of time. Every day you can see a new landscape here, every day you can get acquainted with dozens of new plants and new animals.

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 There are several mountain formations quite clearly differing from each other here. These are the Talas and Ugam ranges and the Karatau Mountains. The first is the axial ridge of the entire Western Tien Shan (the highest altitude is 4488 meters above sea level). It is also an expression of the most interesting geological, landscape, floristic and faunistic in the western Tien Shan. Here is the famous twenty-five kilometer canyon of the Aksu River, 500 meters deep and one kilometer wide. And here, on the area of ​​more than 100 thousand hectares, the famous reserve Aksu-Zhabagly was created.


Karatau Mountains
Karatau is the most Northern ridge of West Tien Shan. Its Southern end meets Talasskiy Alatau branches and then goes to the North for 400 km. These mountains are very old, they have elevated and depressed many times throughout their geological history
Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve
Aksu-Zhabagly is the oldest and most famous nature reserve in Central Asia. It was founded in 1926, its territory was constantly increasing and now is 132.6 thousands hectares
Historical places
Undoubtedly, the most famous historic site in Southern Kazakhstan is Turkestan, founded in V century AD. In those ancient times it was called Yasy. Many Kazakhstan visitors are interested in Khadzha Akhmed Yassaui mausoleum excursion
Sandy desert
Many people think of desert as of huge space of sands, terrible in its lifelessness, with constant hot temperatures, thirst and sand crunching in your mouth. Yes, it is true. But it is not always true
Saline desert
Like the sandy desert, the salt marsh may seem of little interest because of the single word “desert”. But it is also one of the most interesting communities of nature in South Kazakhstan.
Steppe lakes
Lakes and other reservoirs that you may visit with our help will be most interesting for birdwatchers and people who like birds
Ugam range
There are several very interesting gorges on the Ugam ridge within southern Kazakhstan that you will love to visit. The only drawback of such excursions is not very good roads when approaching them.

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All the tours that we offer here today are all only the outline according to which, depending on your desire and possibilities, you can organize your rest.



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