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The village where our guest house is located is called Zhabagly (the old name is Novonikolayevka) of the Tulkubassky district of the Turkestan (South Kazakhstan) region. The administration of the Aksu-Jabagly Nature Reserve is also based here. We will meet you at the nearest airport (Shymkent or Taraz) or at the Tulkubas railway station. We will deliver to the place. We will order and purchase tickets to anywhere in the world. If you want to use your own transport, the village of Zhabagly is located 10 km from the Tashkent – Almaty highway. From Tashkent to us 220 km, Shymkent – 100, Taraz – 100 km– Orietir: between the villages of Turar Ryskulov (old name Vannovka) and Shakpak-Baba (old name Vysokoe) turn south (following the sign “Abail, Akbiik” towards Abail).

There are several ways to get to us:


To Tulkubas station

This is the nearest railway station (it is located 18 km from the village of Zhabagly), and from there either a taxi or we will meet you. Almost all trains passing through Tulkubas stop at the station. The morning trains are the most convenient, they arrive, as a rule, in the morning 5-10 hours and leave in the evening at 18-22 hours. There are very decent SV-cars on these trains.


By bus from Almaty: along the Tashkent – Almaty highway

If the bus goes through the village of Turar Ryskulov to the turn to the village of Zhabagly (it is located in the village of Akbiik), and from there 10 km by taxi (usually passing), or we will meet you. If the bus goes on concrete, we get off after the village.Shakpak-Baba we leave at the Akbiik, Abail sign. And we are heading towards Abail. The distance to Zhabagly is about 8 km. Buses (there are a very large number of them – more than a hundred) leave the Sairan bus station almost throughout the day. The largest number after lunch. The last ones are at 20-21 hours. On the way 10 – 12 hours. The cost of the trip is from 1500 to 3000 tenge, depending on the quality of the bus


By minibus from Shymkent

Every day from the bus station of the Aina market (which is on Koktem) at 10.30. – 11.00. there is a minibus to the village of Zhabagly. If you are late for it, it is best to take a minibus going to Taraz and get off at the intersection of the main road in the village of Akbiik with the sign “Zhabagly”. From here by passing taxi to the village of Zhabagly. This option can cost 450- 500 tenge. You can take a minibus from the same bus station to the village of Ryskulov (the district center of the Tyulkubassky district), and from there take a taxi to the village of Zhabagly. This option can cost 300 – 2500 tenge.

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Do you want to contact us directly? call us at the number: +7 (701) 717-58-51; +7 (725) 385-55-84