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Our guest house

We will accommodate you in a nice country hotel in double rooms. Every room includes a comfortable bathroom unit with showers (with constant hot water available) and toilet. By demand these rooms may be used as singles as well

Наш гостевой дом старая

You may choose from a cottage with two rooms (every room has its own bathroom unit), separate house with six rooms and a hall (every room has its own bathroom unit), or a part of a big house with 4 bedrooms (every room has its own bathroom unit) and a hall. Halls are used as a dining room and room to gather altogether and discuss further plans. They all are built in a big green yard (400 square meters). Green lawns, pretty flowers and the shade of the fruit trees will make your relax after excursions and road, you can have rest and conversations with great comfort. There are parking spaces for seven cars. We try not to mix the groups in the rooms and halls. There is a small market at the hotel, where you can purchase necessary things.

During your stay on the territory of nature reserve we will accommodate you at scientific field base. There are 4 bedrooms (with 2 beds), hall and kitchen. Here you can also find 2 field showers and 2 toilets right nearby.

The food on the tour will be diverse, tasty and sufficient, it will be cooked by professional cooks. Usually we offer three meals a day: breakfast, portion lunch in lunch-boxes (in the road) and substantial diner (of four courses). The menu includes cookies (served with tea), stewed fruits and mineral water. As an option you can have only breakfast, and instead of lunch you may have a diner at the hotel. Menu may be discussed in advance. When staying for night in nature reserve or outside the hotel the food will not be very different from the hotel’s food in its quality and diversity. During the excursions lunch will be delivered to the place of lunch

Наш гостевой дом старая



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