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Sandy Desert

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What do we know about the Sandy Desert

In the view of many, deserts are a huge expanse of sand, frightening with its lifelessness. Necessarily the heat, sand grinding on the teeth and withering thirst. Yes it is. But this does not always happen. Spring is the most wonderful time to get acquainted with the inhabitants of this amazing world without any problems. In spring, the desert blooms. Everywhere “fast” ephemeral plants grow out of the sand. They have time to ascend, bloom and bear fruit within two weeks. Others are also fast, but already perennial plants (they are called ephemeroids) grow from bulbs or rhizomes and in a short period of vegetation manage to accumulate nutrients necessary for a long period of rest (that is, until next spring).

And naturally, among all the “fast” vegetation there is a large variety of animals that are trying to quickly produce and grow offspring while vegetation is actively vegetating.

For the first acquaintance, the Akartobe desert is one of the most suitable places. It is 140 km from our base – about two hours away. Here are the so-called blackened sands. The basis of shrubby vegetation is sandy acacia Ammodendron argenteum and caligonum Calligonum caput medusae, and the basis of the “turf” is various ephemeral cereals (Poa, Bromus), Eremurus (Eremurus), onions (Allium) and others.

The most notable animals of the sandy desert are reptiles. In the morning hours – until the sun has dried the sand – you can see the foot-and-mouth Eremias velox, roundhead Phrynocephalus mystaceus, Agama Agama inquenta and others. Of the birds, babblers (Hippolais rama), skates (Anthus), stoves (Oenanthe isabellinus and O. deserti) and buntings (Emberiza bruniceps) are most common. When the sun heats up the sand, all animals, and especially reptiles, get a huge boost of energy. They become so fast that it becomes very difficult to consider them. And yet, a visit to the sandy desert leaves an indelible impression.

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What you can see in the desert

The Buzzer is the head of a jellyfish

Big - eared roundhead

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